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Voice Greetings

Voice Greetings

Voice Greetings



A unique and effective way to convey voice messages to your customers, staff and friends.

In the case of festive greetings, sending a couple of greeting cards or SMS messages might not be able to do the job. But now, with the new Voice Greetings using our Auto Outbound Dialer (AOD), you can extend voice greetings to make festive seasons special and memorable.

NuSuara Voice Greetings system is a modern outbound call system which enables personalised pre-recorded voice greetings to be delivered to many recipients – your customers, staff and friends. Look at its excellent features:

  • Delivers personalised pre-recorded greetings and messages using your own voice
  • Calls are scheduled for delivery at the right time for maximum impact
  • Reply feature that allows recipients to leave a message
  • Available at an attractive and affordable rates
  • Report system for monitoring


Imagine the delight and motivation among staff to receive that rare phone call from their CEO, or the pleasant surprise among customers for the warm thoughts. Not to mention friends hearing your voice with cheerful greetings instead of the impersonal text messages.

Not only for festive messages, this system is also useful for announcements, reminders and motivational messages.


Video: Demonstration of NuSuara-powered Voice Message for Chinese New Year Greetings

Voice Greetings

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