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Virtual Office

Virtual Office

Virtual Office


With the growing trend towards entrepreneurship and with better Wi-Fi access and higher smartphones ownership, we are seeing more and more people operating from home offices. In tandem with this trend, we are also seeing the growing emergence of Virtual Offices.  

NuSuara provides a comprehensive Virtual Office solution.  These include the installation of PABX, deployment of our Virtual Receptionist, call routing, messages, e-fax, sms and customised billings for customers.

Our customers for our Virtual Office solution include SoHo Suite and Plug&Play.


Virtual Office

Layer 1 – Infrastructure

1.     Communication Channels

The following telecommunication services can be utilised in the solution:

    • Fixed line voice call / Mobile line voice call / Voice-over-IP (VoIP)
    • Broadband internet access / Mobile data call (GPRS) / SMS & WAP access
    • Interconnect access between telecommunication operators

2.      Network Security

Important to have a comprehensive network security to secure the data of the respective companies. A high-end firewall is needed to address the following:

    • VPN (Virtual Private Network) for each individual company
    • Networking/Routing to control access within a single or multiple VLAN
    • Policy based traffic sharing to prevent single point of overloading
    • Anti-virus & anti-SPM functions with configurable white/black list profile
    • Logging & monitoring with email alerts and activity reporting

3.      Physical Access Security

    • Main entrance door access system with logging and monitoring function (may include access card, pin code, finger print authentication)
    • CCTV system for physical office security

4.      Supporting Equipment & Setup

    • Server room design & logistics / Rack & network equipment
    • Redundancy of power supply and air conditioning
    • Wi-Fi access points and implementation
    • Network Printers / Display system (projector, wall display unit, flat screen TV)

Layer 2 – Data Centre Services

1.      Domain, Web & e-Mail Hosting

    • Assistance on company domain registration
    • Provisioning of access to company-owned domain, web page and e-mail
    • Connectivity to external data centre for high service level and availability with local monitoring and management facility

2.      Application Hosting

    • Centralised infrastructure and network security for application hosting
    • Connectivity to telecommunication and broadband facility

3.      File Sharing & Centralised Storage

    • Full redundant storage system for centralised storage
    • File sharing based on assigned privileges and security rights

4.      Backup & Recovery

    • Centralised backup system / Rollback and recovery services

5.      Operations & Maintenance

    • Centralised network monitoring tools on hardware and platform health
    • Automated warning & error alerts via sms & e-mail

Layer 3 – Telephony Services

1.      IP-PBX platform

    • IP based PBX with ISDN E1 interface for incoming telephone line
    • Ability to compile telephone usage for each company
    • Voice conferencing facility

2.      e-Fax

    • SIP based e-fax server with tight integration to IP-PBX
    • Ability to assign dedicated fax number for each company or user
    • Incoming fax will be routed to e-mail based on the profile configuration

Virtual Office Services

1.       Centralised Provisioning & Activation

2.       Virtual Receptionist

    • 24 x 7 service via an automated Virtual Receptionist for incoming calls
    • Voice mail system with option to retrieve by phone or web
    • Comprehensive call reporting with details on where the calls end

3.      Office-wide Bulletin Board & Broadcast

    • Display system to show office-wide information
    • Centralised managed content updates function

4.      Meeting Room Reservation

    • Inquiry on meeting room availability
    • Reservation a meeting and subscribe for reminder via e-mail, voice call or sms
    • Display system to show current reservation and room availability

5.      Virtual Conference Room

    • Calling out to multiple parties for a conference call session
    • Customised schedule to invite parties for conference call

6.      Web-based Reporting

    • Incoming & outgoing call statistics
    • Telephone usage & cost report / Common facilities usage report
    • Billing Information

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