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Advertising Applications

Advertising Applications

Advertising And Promotion Applications



The application for NuSuara voice-activated technology is now extended into the area of advertising and promotions. Recently, Unilever applied the technology to successfully launch its Axe deodorant. Our Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and Auto Outbound Dialer (AOD) platforms were deployed for the communication campaign.

Mechanics of promotion

The campaign revolved around the mysterious telephone number:

010-225 3344

Unilever widely publicised the campaign in facebook, tv commercials and shopping malls where promoters passed to consumers a mysterious mobile number.

Consumers called the number and greeted by pre-recorded female voices conveying product message with prompts to select time for daily wake-up calls. During the following week, different daily wake-up calls and messages were made to consumers using NuSuara Auto Outbound Dialer to manage the calls.

NuSuara’s IVR supported by 45 concurrent lines were used to handle the incoming calls for the campaign.


Very good response and Unilever collected lots of unique mobile numbers which can be used for future promotions and their CRM programme. NuSuara also generated comprehensive reports of calls received and made together with the list of unique numbers.



Video: Interactive telephone conversation for the Axe Malaysia campaign

Advertising And Promotion Applications


Video: The Axe Malaysia TVC campaign, with the phone number that links to Nusuara’s Interactive solution

Advertising And Promotion Applications