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Intelligent Collection Management System

Intelligent Collection Management System

Intelligent Collection Management System


Intelligent Collection Management System (ICMS) is a comprehensive collection management solution to maximise revenue collection and reduce the incidence of bad debts.

ICMS is an industry-proven solution that integrates with billing system to transform customer profile, products and account information into ICMS data-set to help account managers and collectors to perform the duties effectively.

Our years of our experience in working with the telco industry help us to understand the requirements, processes, people and technology for the development of the ICMS.

Empowered by configurable security features, business rules and workflows, user-friendly graphic interface and WEB based application made ICMS an effective and efficient tool to execute the collection processes.

The System

The Intelligent Collection Management System overview

Intelligent Collection Management System

The Objective

To provide a Business Support System to maximise collection of revenue while reducing bad debts. The ICMS will help to effectively increase the management of customers and thus improve customer service.

Domain Expertise

  • Many years of experience in telco industry especially in CRM , Billing and Rating solutions
  • Experience in working with major telco CRM application – KENAN & BSCS
  • Vast knowledge and skills on software design, development, deployment and maintenance of ICMS

Key Customers


System Summary

The following are some of the main features and the summary of the Intelligent Collection Management System. Please click the link to learn more about each feature.

The ICMS administrator modules available

Mapping of billing data for account assignments, management and status

Systematized identification for account actions

Business rules definition and account listings

Costumer’s payment management and tracking according to agreement

Depository status of uncollected accounts, blacklist status, history and tracking

Generated from data and processes for administration tracking and monitoring

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