Best CBC in Sabah 2011


Malaysia Airport

Flight Information

NuSuara provides the speech-activated Flight Information System at KLIA / LCCT for Malaysia Airports. Information on flight arrival and departure can be obtained by calling 03-87760888 and using voice command to communicate. The system uses our IVR and ASR (auto speech recogniser).




Unilever made use of NuSuara voice technology to successfully launch the Axe deodorant. A very innovative interactive marketing to provide memorable brand experience. Consumers call 010-225 3344 to key in wake-up calls. Our Auto Outbound Dialer was used to make daily wake-up calls using sexy voices and messages for a week.


Plug And Play

Virtual Office

NuSuara provides the complete Virtual Office Solution for Plug&Play. These include various features such as dedicated lines, call forwarding, e-fax, web mail, office bulletin, conference room reservation, individual billings for customers and web-based reporting.


Putrajaya Holdings

Help Desk Solution

Putrajaya Holdings deploy the NuSuara Help Desk Solution to manage their customer help desk. The customised IVR system is integrated with their CRM programme to enable agents to communicate effectively with customers. The system allows report to be generated to monitor success and drop call rates.



Virtual Receptionist

IMPACT is the world’s leading non-profit organisation against cyber threats.
They require a proven and reliable 24/7 system that works efficiently. They now use the NuSuara VR system capable of handling 8 concurrent calls with features such as call-by-name speech recognition and voice mail via e-mail.



Self-Help System

NuSuara IVR is used for the Streamyx self-help system that allows customers and callers to perform various self-help functions such as application status, account status, availability of service and current promotion. System generates reports on number of calls made, drop calls, etc.