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Automatic Speech Recogniser

Automatic Speech Recogniser

Automatic Speech Recogniser


NuSuara Automatic Speech Recogniser (ASR) is a http-based speech recognition engine that recognises and converts spoken speech into text. This technology enables a natural speech interface that has wide ranging application.

Today, NuSuara ASR is being deployed in various types of enterprise solutions that leverage on speech interface to complete a typical transaction such as customer self-service option for call center, office automation for call connection, information inquiry via voice and myriads of other applications.


Video: ASR makes NuSuara’s Virtual Receptionist System works by recognising user’s vocal feedback

Automatic Speech Recogniser

The Benefits

Productivity Gain
NuSuara ASR is able to automate major portions of current call center services. The need to hire new agents, new supervisors, and new trainers are reduced.

With the machine picking up and serving most of the calls, current workforce would be able to handle more calls, resulting in significant productivity gain.

Cost Reduction
Automation will also result in less abandoned calls, which were caused by long hold time and touch-tone menu selection system. If the first call is successfully handled, there is no need to call back. This directly reduces the number of calls and call charges to the call center.

Automation will also reduce agent talk time as the machine obtains enough information from callers before passing the call to agents. Hiring and training costs are also reduced due to productivity gains of current agents and lower attrition rates.

Cost Avoidance
Hiring and installing new agents have the accompanying cost of hardware, software, and space. Automation eliminates need to purchase new hardware and software to support additional agents.

Reduce Agent’s Attrition Rates

Call centers face high agent’s attrition rates. One of the main reasons is that the work of a typical live agent is mundane and dissatisfying in nature. With NuSuara ASR, a lot of the mundane work could be automated.

This leaves the agents with more time to handle high value-added products resulting in higher job satisfaction. Usually this change alone reduces the agent attrition rates significantly.


  • High Accuracy

NuSuara ASR consistently demonstrated higher than 80% accuracy in many applications.

  • Large and Open Vocabulary

NuSuara ASR supports up to 3000 vocabularies with good accuracy. Further, the vocabularies are open for addition of new words, and for specification or addition of pronunciations for known words or new words.

  • Speaker Independent

In contrast to speaker dependent dictation system that requires training by a specific speaker, NuSuara ASR can recognise speeches of any speaker without prior training.

  • N-Best Answers in XML

NuSuara ASR returns more than one answers that are tagged with confidence scores. Depending on the situation, developers may choose an answer of lower score that makes more sense. The results are returned in a standard XML document that is easy to handle.

  • Tunable Rejection Model

A tunable rejection mechanism is provided to filter out recognised results that are not within the acceptable parameters.

  • OS Agnostic

NuSuara ASR runs on almost all popular OS including Microsoft Windows, Sun Solaris, Linux and Apple Mac OS.

  • HTTP and C Interfaces

Both high-level http and low-level C interfaces are supported. In particular, http network interface allows the ASR to sit on a remote computer that is potentially different (both hardware and OS) from the CTI machine.

  • Language Packs

NuSuara is founded on a vision of pervasive computing and universal access. People of all races and mother tongues should be able to naturally communicate with and retrieve information from devices that tap into personal and corporate data networks. To realise this vision, NuSuara provides many language modules for the ASR. The languages available today are:

      • English (US)
      • English (Malaysia/Singapore)
      • Mandarin (Malaysia)
      • Malay (Malaysia)
      • Thai

NuSuara has 100% corpus of the above language packs and with the internal R&D team, it is possible to OEM the language packs for other commercial ASR platform. Currently, Nusuara has partnered with Telisma for the Malay (Malaysia) & Malaysian English language packs.