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Automatic Outbound Dialer

Automatic Outbound Dialer

Automatic Outbound Dialer


Current business world have found that leveraging agents idle on inbound projects to work on targeted outbound dialing campaigns maximizes efficiency and delivers faster return on investment.

NuSuara AOD’s outbound dialing capabilities can create, manage, and monitor successful campaigns for sales, lead generation, collections, fund-raising, service follow-ups, appointment confirmation, and many other types of campaigns.

NuSuara AOD has full-featured campaign-based outbound dialing. For campaigns that simply require delivering a one-way message, no agent intervention is necessary, saving even more overhead expense. After AOD connects to a live person or an answering machine, it automatically plays a recorded message.


Video: AOD powers NuSuara’s scheduled Voice Message to send greetings during festive seasons

Automatic Outbound Dialer

The Benefits

  • Increased talk time leads to more productive agents
  • Simplified list and campaign management frees up management to focus on keeping agents effective, not just busy
  • Customizable call flow to cater for different business needs
  • Flexible investment option; outright purchase or managed services (for specific campaign duration)

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Advanced Dialling Algorithm

  • Program manager to setup outbound call programs which can be reused for multiple call schedules.
  • Scheduler to monitor and administrate the AOD calling progress. It provides option to suspend and reactivate schedules in accordance to business needs.
  • Option to setup multiple contact numbers for one subscriber which in turns allows the AOD to call the subscriber with alternative contact numbers when one contact number is not reachable.


Real-time campaign management

  • Dial List loader to facilitate the downloading or uploading of subscriber lists from backend systems for notification calls.
  • Subscriber white list to filter calls for the selected subscriber.
  • Each campaign is uniquely customized through full-featured campaign management


Answering machine detection

  • A special developed response detection agent which is responsible to detect responses from machines such as a voice mail system. This will help to reduce the likelihood of notification calls ending up in subscribers’ voice mail systems and increase the call efficiency via higher reach percentage to the subscriber in person.