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ICT and internet literacy plays an integral part of the Government’s effort to turn Malaysia into a high-income economy. The PI1M programmes become the catalyst in narrowing the digital divide between the urban and rural populations.

NuSuara has recently completed an exercise to provide the PI1M-to-Home (Wi-Fi to home) facilities at all the 67 PI1M sites throughout the country. The PI1M-to-Home programme provides registered Wi-Fi access within a range of 3km radius from the PI1M centres. This enables the PI1M’s communities to access the high-speed broadband from the comfort of their homes.

The PI1M-to-Home programme augurs well with the free netbook distribution for students in the low-income group especially those in the rural areas.


Chart: NuSuara’s Pusat Internet 1Malaysia Locations

Pusat Internet 1Malaysia
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