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PEMANDU visits the CBC in Desa Aman, Sabah

Mar 22, 2012

Desa Aman, Kundasang, Sabah

7 March 2012

The Community Broadband Centre (CBC) in Desa Aman in Sabah that is managed by NuSuara Technologies recently welcomed visitors from PEMANDU (Performance Management and Delivery Unit in the Prime Minister’s Department) and MCMC. The purpose of the visit was to enable PEMANDU to learn more about the CBC operations and its effectiveness, and in meeting the objective objectives of the National Broadband Initiatives (NBI) in narrowing the digital divide between the urban and rural populations in Malaysia.

The presentation that was conducted by our CBC Manager, Pn Nurul Fitriyanie gave the visitors an overview of the centre’s functions, the reception from the community, internet penetration rate among the community and the various IT-related activities conducted since it was set up in 2000.

Various topics were covered during the Q&A especially on the benefits gained by the community to help them improve their lives. Our manager shared with them on the highly encouraging take-up rate for online marketing and promotion by village entrepreneurs and also the positive response among senior citizens to familiarise themselves with computers and the internet.

Presentation to visitors from PEMANDU and MCMC by our CBC Manager, Pn Nurul Fitriyanie

Visitors also briefed on our Network Management System (NMS)
for centralised monitoring and controlling of the CBCs

Celcom 1CBC at Felda Bukit Batu in the news

Jan 18, 2012


The Celcom1CBC at Felda Bukit Batu in Johore made news recently when its Kampung Tanpa Wayar (KTW) programme was officiated by En Cheong Chin Liang, the Ahli Dewan Undangan Neger9 (ADUN) for the area.


This facility allows the local village community living within a 3 km range from the local Celcom1CBC to enjoy internet in the comfort of the homes.

According to the En Faiezal Othman, the acting Director of the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC), there are now 142 KTW in operation. The service is currently available for free but in future a minimal RM10 monthly fee will be imposed.

Visit to CBC in Desa Aman by MCMC Chairman

Jan 10, 2012

The Chairman of Malaysia Multimedia and Communications Commission (MCMC), Dato’ Mohamed Sharil Tarmizi was very pleased with the high standard of our Celcom1CBC at Kg. Desa Aman in Kundasang, Sabah during his recent visit. The centre recently won the runner-up award in the Best Overall CBC category in Sabah that was presented by MCMC.

He was accompanied by Dato’ Madinah Mohamad, the KSU of MOSTI, Datuk Idris Abdullah of MCMC HQ, En Bukhari Yahya, Director of MCMC in Sabah, En Kamarudin Jaalam, GM, Regulatory of Celcom, and a large group of 35 from MCMC.

Dato’ Sharil was briefed by Nurul Fitriyanie, our CBC manager at Desa Aman on the broadband facilities and equipment, the regular training and events conducted for a wide cross section of the rural community to promote ICT literacy, and also the online tools to ensure the smooth operations of the centre.

CBC Visit

Dato’ Sharil Tarmizi, Chairman of MCMC interacting with young internet users at the centre

CBC Visit

Briefing by Nurul Fitriyanie, our CBC manager at Kg Desa Aman, Kundasang

CBC Visit

Explaining about online education games that are popular among young internet users

CBC Visit

Our visitors attentively listening to the detailed briefing

CBC Visit

Making remarks on the guestbook

CBC Visit

Recognition from MCMC for our CBC in Sabah

Jan 5, 2012

Our Celcom1CBC managed by Nusuara swept 15 of the 20 prizes In a recently held competition organised by Malaysian Communication and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) in Sabah. The Celcom1CBC in Pekan Kunak won the prestigious Best Overall CBC award while another of our CBC in Desa Aman was awarded the 2nd prize.

Best CBC in Sabah

Best Overal CBC went to NuSuara’s CBC in Pekan Kunak

The selection of the winners were based on random visits by MCMC officers to all the CBCs without prior notice and the scoring were made through their observations, interviews with the local communities and the CBC managers, and also through the monthly reports submitted to them.

Johan - CBC Paling Ceria Pekan Kunak

The Most Cheerful CBC was also awarded to Kunak CBC

Congratulations to all our winning CBCs and the respective team members for this accomplishment. This recognition by MCMC is a testimony to the high standards and hard work and efforts put in by our team members in the field as well as at our HQ in Kuala Lumpur.

We hope the excellent achievement can be maintained and inspire our other CBCs to emulate our successful ones.

Pengurus & Pen.Pengurus Desa Aman bersama Awards yg dimenangi

The Manager & Assistant Manager for Desa Aman CBC with their trophies.

List of CBC winners in competition organised by MCMC in Sabah for 2011




Best Overall CBC – 2011


Celcom1CBC Pekan Kunak RM 1,000 + trophy


Celcom1CBC Desa Aman RM 200 + trophy
Most Cheerful CBC – 2011


Celcom1CBC Pekan Kunak RM 250 + trophy


Celcom1CBC Kg Kadazan RM 200 + trophy


Celcom1CBC Desa Aman RM 100 + trophy
Most Creative CBC – 2011


Celcom1CBC Desa Aman RM 250 + trophy


Celcom1CBC Pekan Kunak RM 200 + trophy
Most Active CBC – 2011


Celcom1CBC Telupid RM 200 + trophy


Celcom1CBC Pekan Kunak RM 100 + trophy
Most Friendly CBC – 2011


Celcom1CBC Kg Lohan RM 250 + trophy
Best CBC Manager – 2011


Farah Liyana Susilo
Celcom1CBC Pekan Kunak
RM 200 + trophy


Nurul Fitriyane
Celcom1CBC Desa Aman
RM 100 + trophy
Best CBC Asst Manager – 2011


Nazarul Aziz
Celcom1CBC Desa Aman
RM 250 + trophy


Farah Cyril
Celcom1CBC Telupid
RM 200 + trophy


Freddy Lee
Celcom1CBC Kuala Sapi
RM 100 + trophy

A Jovial Mood at NuSuara

Dec 23, 2011

Two officers at NuSuara jointly celebrate their birthdays on 21 Dec 2011. The HQ staff organized a surprise celebration with a delicious red velvet cake for the CEO, Dato’ Ramli whose birthday falls on the day, and also for the CTO Kenneth Chin who birthday falls a day later.

NuSuara Birthday

NuSuara Birthday

NuSuara Birthday

NuSuara Birthday


New Staffs At Our Team

Dec 15, 2011

NuSuara is growing and pleased to welcome four new faces into our team at our KL office:

En Aziz Madin

Aziz Madin

n Aziz Madin joined us as a Technical Sales Engineer in Nov 2011. He has 18 years of experience in high growth telecommunication (both domestic and international) as well as in the retail industry. His responsibility at NuSuara is in business development.

Ms Arlene Koh

Arlene Koh

Ms Arlene Koh joined us as Sales Manager, Speech Solutions in Nov 2011. She has vast experience in the ICT industry with experience in sales, channel management and business development. Her main responsibility at NuSuara is in sales management and development of our speech solutions.

Harun Othman

Harun OthmanHarun Othman joined in Nov 2011 as a Technical Engineer. He brings with him a wealth of experience in the ICT field.


Ayu Rohaida

Ayu RohaidaAyu Rohaida Mat Jusoh was appointed as Associate – Key Account /Sales in December 2011. Her background is in accounting and computer science and with working experience in the banking and engineering sectors.

Her main responsibility at NuSuara is in account management of our key clients for our broadband solutions.

NuSuara in Teraju Exhibition

Jul 20, 2011

NuSuara Teraju Exhibition

NuSuara Technologies was selected as an investee company to MAVCAP to participate in an exhibition organised by Teraju at KL Convention Centre on 20 and 21 July 2011. The exhibition officiated by YB Senator Awang Adek Hussain, the Deputy Minister of Finance, showcased the products and services of selected companies in Malaysia.

NuSuara Teraju Exhibition

CBC-To-Home Completed

Jun 6, 2011

CBC To Home

We successfully completed the installation of Access Points around our Super Wi-Fi base stations at all 37 Celcom1CBCs around the country to enable the CBC-to-Home service to be launched. This service allows the rural communities to enjoy Wi-Fi service from the comfort of their homes. Wi-Fi coverage can now be enjoyed in all the houses located within a 3km radius from the CBC in the area.

NuSuara CEO on Bernama TV

Apr 6, 2011

NuSuara’s CEO, Dato’ Ramli Abbas was interviewed in the SWOT programme on Bernama TV on 6 April 2011. In the programme, he spoke about the company’s history, its focus on innovation for its range of speech products and their role in improving organisations’ efficiency and productivity. The complete interview can be viewed in the video clip.

CEO Interview