Best CBC in Sabah 2011

Welcome To NuSuara Technologies

NuSuara is Malaysia’s leading speech technology company with innovative solutions to promote organisations’ efficiency and productivity. Apart of our range of in-house developed products, NuSuara is also an active participant in the Malaysian Government’s effort to provide broadband access to all Malaysians.

Nusuara TeamMeet The Team

The winning team at NuSuara is made up of experienced professionals from diversed disciplines – management, R&D, technical, sales and marketing. Innovation, creativity and service are what we stand for.

Community Broadband CenterOur Pusat Internet 1Malaysia

We operate more than 40 Celcom PI1M in Peninsula Malaysia, Sabah and Sarawak. Each centre is managed by 2 well-trained local graduates to provide training and internet access for the rural community.

Community Broadband CenterEntrepreneurs Stories

See how our Pusat Internet 1Malaysia equipped these rural entrepreneurs with modern marketing techniques and hear their stories on how they have taken their business into new levels.