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Homemade sauces reach new markets after a marketing makeover

Jul 16, 2013   //   Entrepreneurs
homemade sauce

Sos Hamimah’s new label design gets the thumbs up

En Abd Hamid bin Hj Ahmad & Pn Norong bte Othman
Hamimah Enterprise (Sauces)
Celcom 1Malaysia Internet Centre at Kahang Barat, Johor


Sos Hamimah is famous in Felda Kahang Barat, Felda Kahang Timur and Felda Ulu, who love their variety of sauces. It’s not just tasty, it’s also trusted as a bumiputera product that is 100% halal.

Husband and wife team, En Abd Hamid and Pn Norong, started the business in 2002 on a small capital of just RM5,000, producing their homemade sauces with just two blenders.

In 2003, they took out a loan to buy bigger equipment and increase production. Before long, they bought a van to deliver their sauces to Johor Bahru, Muar, Segamat and Kota Tinggi.

Demand for the quality product was high, making the potential for business growth huge. But with just a small van and word-of-mouth promotion, business couldn’t go very far at all.

A new digital frontier, a new market exposure

In order to expand its business, Sos Hamimah needed more than just new exposure. It also needed a competitive edge to break through the clutter of the highly competitive category of cooking aids.


To help their product compete in a bigger market, the Kahang Barat 1Malaysia Centre helped the husband and wife team learn the necessary computer skills to design attractive marketing materials. To extend market reach, the centre helped them register their business on Iskandar Regional Development Authority’s website.

The centre additionally helped them update their blog and website, market on Facebook, create a company profile and apply for loans to expand production.

With a brand new look and increased exposure to a new market via the web and Facebook, Hamimah Enterprise expanded their marketing reach and successfully increased their income from RM3,000 to RM4,000 a month. They’ve also expanded their business to provide employment for local residents.