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Mother of two escapes poverty with a successful online business

Jun 10, 2013   //   Entrepreneurs

Learning social media marketing has helped Ku Zinnurain give her business a new marketing makeover and boost her income

Pn Ku Zinnurain binti Ku Bahaidin
Beauty products for women
Celcom 1Malaysia Internet Centre at Felda Rimba Mas, Perlis


With increasing living costs and two schooling children, Pn Ku Zinnurain and her husband were struggling to make ends meet.

The second generation Felda Rimba Mas settler was previously a factory worker at Padang Besar, earning just RM850 a month to supplement her husband’s income as a civil servant.

Determined to pull her family out of poverty, she took out RM30 as capital to start an online business in women’s beauty products.


Helping make dreams come true

With the facilities and WI-FI home services provided by Felda Rimba Mas’ 1Malaysia Internet Centre, Ku Zinnurain was able to operate her online business via Facebook. In just her first month, she earned RM400, and continues to promisingly increase her income month by month.

Ku Zinnurain also uses the computer facilities at the centre to learn new internet marketing skills and conduct business research. The trainers at the centre also help her learn how to use photo editing software to create attractive product shots, which has helped her attract new customers.

Today, Ku Zinnurain is able to help provide her family with an increasing supplementary income that not only helps pull her family out of poverty, but also allows her to work from home and spend more time with her children.