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A farm boy’s auto parts business triples income through the internet

Jun 10, 2013   //   Entrepreneurs
Zaimi ever ready to pimp up your car

Zaimi ever ready to pimp up your car

 En Md Zaimi bin Md Zainal
Auto parts business
Celcom 1Malaysia Internet Centre at Kg Mensudut Lama, Johor


When the people of Kampung Mensudut Lama want to pimp their car, who do they turn to? Md Zaimi, of course!

Ever since his early years, this simple farm boy would spend his spare time and savings indulging in his hobby — car modification. After numerous purchases of auto parts and accessories, the young man saw the opportunity to start up an auto parts business.

At first, he bought selected auto parts and accessories from local dealerships for his friends who share the same hobby. Zaimi was soon able to earn about RM400 a month. Next, to accelerate his business, Zaimi needed a fast and cost-effective way to source for auto parts.

Rural location was no handicap for Zaimi’s auto parts dealership business


Through 1Malaysia Internet Centre at Kg Mensudut Lama, Zaimi was able to search for and source auto parts from dealerships outside his local town. This enabled him to easily source for parts, compare the best prices, and make online orders for his business requirements without incurring time and travel costs.

Additionally, 1Malaysia Internet Centre’s programs helped Zaimi reach out to a bigger market of customers by equipping him with the computer skills and marketing know-how to promote his business on Facebook. Zaimi also stays in touch with his customers via Skype and Yahoo Messenger, keeping his customers satisfied with on-call customer service.

Today, Zaimi has proudly tripled his monthly income to RM1,500. Best of all, he is able to support himself in a business that he has passion for. Fuelled by dreams and determination, Zaimi is confident that his business and income will continue to expand through innovative possibilities on the internet.