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A Mak Andam keeps her business fresh with ideas from the internet

May 5, 2013   //   Entrepreneurs
By keeping up with internet trends, Maswati’s wedding services ideas stay fresh and stylish

By keeping up with internet trends, Maswati’s wedding services ideas stay fresh and stylish

Pn Maswati Waidi
Bridal services
Celcom 1Malaysia Internet Centre at Felda Layang Layang, Johor

Meet Felda Layang-Layang’s very own Mak Andam!

In 2008, Pn Maswati Waidi noticed that Felda Layang-Layang didn’t have any businesses offering Malay wedding services. This meant that engaged couples of Felda Layang Layang who want to get married will have to look for services from outside of town, often incurring higher prices due to travel costs.

Dedicated to contribute to her town, eager to learn a new business, and fuelled by a desire to earn supplementary income to support her family, Maswati set out to learn everything she needed to learn about running a Malay wedding services business by enrolling herself in a course to become a “Mak Andam”.

Staying beautifully competitive with market research

With support from her husband, Maswati successfully started her business in 2008 and quickly thrived as customers appreciated having a local service that provided quality service for Malay weddings.

Yet, despite holding the advantage of having no other direct competition in town, Maswati knows that if she doesn’t keep her customers happy, word of their dissatisfaction will quickly spread around hMak Andamer small town. She will quickly lose future businesses to services from neighbouring towns.

Maswati thus benefits greatly from the 1Malaysia Internet Centre at Felda Layang Layang because it helps her research the latest wedding trends online to keep her customers happy with the best service she can provide.

And indeed, her hard work at market research pays off, as many Felda Layang Layang newlyweds have been delighted with the beautiful wedding trends that Maswati is able to provide at affordable local prices! Maswati’s business has now grown into a lucrative family business that provides her family with a monthly income of RM4,000 to 4,500.