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Traditional Malay herbal supplements reach new markets nationwide

Apr 9, 2013   //   Entrepreneurs
Pn Azizah bte Ali & Pn Normalaziah bte Malik
Herba Warisan Berabad (Herbal Supplements)
Celcom 1Malaysia Internet Centre at Kahang Barat, Johor
Online research has helped Herba Warisan Abad reach into new markets and add 16 new products to their product line

Online research has helped Herba Warisan Abad reach into new markets and add 16 new products to their product line

Herba Warisan Abad is an herbal supplement family trade and tradition that has passed down from generation to generation. Managed and operated by Azizah and Normalaziah, the products uphold the art and wisdom of traditional Malay herbal medicine.

Despite product effectiveness, the business was not able to expand very far due to limited market reach. That was when 1Malaysia Internet Centre helped Azizah and Normalaziah’s business reach new markets by helping them create a company file, design promotional flyers and design a new company logo.

With new marketing materials and internet access to social media, Herba Warisan Berabad increased their online exposure and expanded into new markets including Mersing, Alor Setar, Jerantut, Machang, Chaah, Kluang, Muar, Batu Pahat and Melaka.

More than just a new market reach

Opening the doors to new markets online was just the first step in changing Herba Warisan Berabad’s business production capability and income capacity.

herbs2Initially, the family business was actually still making their products by hand using a manual mortar and pestle. After expanding into new markets, there was an increase in demand for products. This led Herba Warisan Berabad to upgrade their equipment and purchase machine blenders, which eased up their manual labour and helped increase production.

1Malaysia Internet Centre further helped Azizah and Normalaziah increase their business by teaching them how to research the latest herbal supplement research and discoveries. This helped them expand their product line, adding 16 new products to their business.

All in all, with new market exposure, increased production capability, and an expanded product line, Herba Warisan Berabad has successfully increased their monthly income from RM2,500 to RM3,500.