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Online market research helps women entrepreneurs learn new skills

Feb 5, 2013   //   Entrepreneurs
Pn Suharni Ahmad & Pn Norhayati Abu Bakar
Merbah Timur Enterprise (Tailoring & Fashion)
Celcom 1Malaysia Internet Centre at Felda Kahang Timur, Johor

“Celcom 1Malaysia Internet Centre has allowed me to quickly and easily find the market research I need to survive in the fashion industry.” -Pn Norhayati Abu Bakar

Pn Suharni Ahmad and Norhayati Abu Bakar are best friends who run a tailoring business. Putting their passion and skills to use, the hardworking duo is kept busy with a variety of customer orders, from sewing clothes to making curtains.

To maintain customer loyalty, they needed to keepup with fashionable market trends as well as improve their business skills. Unfortunately, limited time and resources means they can’t pursue an education at fashion colleges or business schools. But this didn’t stop them from educating themselves through the internet!

tailorBroadening their skillset with broadband

Since the opening of 1Malaysia Internet Centre in their local town of Kahang Timur, Suharni and Norhayati has been able to access a whole new world of information to accelerate their business. Every Wednesday, Suharni and Norhayati drop by at the 1Malaysia Internet Centre to research the local market’s latest fashion trends. They also proactively upgrade their skills, teaching themselves the art of beading through the internet.

In addition, they’ve been able to promote their services via Facebook, saving them lots of money in advertising while leveraging word-of-mouth recommendations at the speed of broadband.

Thriving in a cut-throat fashion industry

According to Norhayati, the internet facilities provided by 1Malaysia Internet Centre have been pivotal to their success because it allows them to quickly and easily find the market research they need to survive in the cut-throat fashion industry.

Suharni echoes this sentiment and additionally adds that by helping individuals accelerate their business, 1Malaysia Internet Centre has also helped Kahang Timur generate a thriving economy for the locals.