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Internet access helps Kampung Pangi business export seaweed products to China & Japan

Dec 31, 2012   //   Entrepreneurs
Pn Kabilah binti Abd. Hassan
Seaweed farming
Celcom 1Malaysia Internet Centre at Pekan Kunak, Sabah
Internet access helps Kampung Pangi business export seaweed products

Pn Kabilah’s family business earns up to RM20,000 a month by exporting to China and Japan via the internet

It’s not hard for images of sushi and seaweed to come up when one thinks of Japan. But who knew Japan is importing seaweed from a family business in Kampung Pangi, Sabah!

Pn Kabilah binti Abd. Hassan

For Kabilah, exporting seaweed products to Japan is a proud achievement of her family’s business. Everyday, her husband and children would bear the heat of the sun to wade the waters, occasionally diving, to bring back to land the humble yet valuable seaweed. Kabilah and her family will then identify and sort out the weeds, dry them, and process them for distribution.

Taking a family tradition to international business waters

Previously, the business was only promoted through word-of-mouth. Kabilah’s daughter, Cik Noraini, decided to help expand the family business by attending the business training workshops at 1Malaysia Internet Centre.

Armed with new online business skills and marketing know-how, Cik Noraini began promoting the family business via flyers, blogs and Facebook, enabling them to reach into fresh new markets. Soon, they were selling their seaweed products to Semporna, Tawau, Kota Kinabalu, Kuala Lumpur, and even to China and Japan!

1Malaysia Internet Centre continues to support the business by providing the fast internet connection and facilities they need to meet their international customers’ needs via email and Facebook. The centre has also helped Kabilah learn e-banking to help her receive online money transfers from their international clients.

With five acres of seaweed culture, the business now produces 5 tonnes of seaweed a month. Combined with their continuous hard work and dedication, Kabilah’s family business has now successfully taken their monthly income from RM450 to as much as RM20,000!