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New Staffs At Our Team

Dec 15, 2011   //   News

NuSuara is growing and pleased to welcome four new faces into our team at our KL office:

En Aziz Madin

Aziz Madin

n Aziz Madin joined us as a Technical Sales Engineer in Nov 2011. He has 18 years of experience in high growth telecommunication (both domestic and international) as well as in the retail industry. His responsibility at NuSuara is in business development.

Ms Arlene Koh

Arlene Koh

Ms Arlene Koh joined us as Sales Manager, Speech Solutions in Nov 2011. She has vast experience in the ICT industry with experience in sales, channel management and business development. Her main responsibility at NuSuara is in sales management and development of our speech solutions.

Harun Othman

Harun OthmanHarun Othman joined in Nov 2011 as a Technical Engineer. He brings with him a wealth of experience in the ICT field.


Ayu Rohaida

Ayu RohaidaAyu Rohaida Mat Jusoh was appointed as Associate – Key Account /Sales in December 2011. Her background is in accounting and computer science and with working experience in the banking and engineering sectors.

Her main responsibility at NuSuara is in account management of our key clients for our broadband solutions.